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Mining Production Rigs

Used in underground drill and blasting operations to target ore seams. Also referred to as ‘long-hole’ drilling rigs. Various makes and models usually of either Boom, Horseshoe or Pneumatic (‘Buggy’) variety.


Pneumatic ‘Buggy’ Rigs

Compact and mobile, pneumatic ‘buggy’ production rigs are a popular choice for tight situations such as shaft mines, with the ability to disassemble and re-assemble the rig quickly.

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Horse Shoe / I-Beam Rigs

Horse-shoe rigs offer reliability are designed for heavy duty mining applications and generally offer improved reliability and accuracy.

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Floating Boom Rigs

Boom-mounted production rigs provide mine sites with fast, flexible deployment and a variety of feed lengths, positioning configurations and rock drills to suit most long-hole drilling applications.

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