Drilling faster, cheaper and more sustainably

Inspiring a fairer, greener approach by operating sustainably to improve our environmental footprint, as well as that of our clients.


Minnovare’s solutions have been developed to support the sustainable operations of our mining industry clients. As a mining technology company, Minnovare has specialised in improving the efficiency, productivity and overall profitability of underground hard-rock production drilling operations with a sustainable approach. The Production Optimiser has revolutionised underground drill and blast operations by optimising the current drilling process, which in turn leads to faster stope cycle time, reduced dilution and increased ore recovery, providing significant savings on waste and energy consumption.

Driving sustainable outcomes through our solutions

Our solutions put data to work to drive efficiency, productivity, quality and safety — the antidotes to waste, pollution, cost and risk.


Environmental Impact Calculator

Minnovare’s Environmental Impact Calculator is helpful for any organisation focused on reducing their ESG score. This easy to use calculator shows how CO2 emissions are reduced through improved drilling accuracy using Minnovare’s Production Optimiser. Input the details relevant to your site to see how the Production Optimiser™ can help reduce your carbon footprint, while increasing efficiency and overall profitability at your mining operation. Drill faster, cheaper and more sustainably.