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Top 10 Troubleshooting Tips

1. Trouble connecting? Try the backup tablet. 6. If in doubt, resettle the Opti-Box™.
2. Ensure you settle the system prior to starting shift. 7. Knocked the Opti-Box™? Inform maintenance and survey.
3. Settling process restarting? Check power cable. 8. If suspected innaccuracies, contact survey to check.
4. No connection? Check for +24V at the Deutsch plug. 9. Ensure you press STOP at the end of your shift.
5. Poor connectivity? Clean the windows on the Opti-Box™. 10. Ensure you CORE SYNC the tablet after your shift.

24/7 Global Support

Our dedicated global Support Team is ready and waiting to assist you with any technical support or general queries you might have.  You can contact our Support Team at any time by filling out the form below, or via these details:

Free Call: 

1300 090 265 (Australia)

(+1) 888 838 9925 (Canada)

International Call:

+61 8 6381 0076

Remote Implementation, Training and Support Program (RITS)

In times when travel to-and-from-site is restricted or impractical, Minnovare can still provide all the support and training your operation needs – wherever you are in the world, at any time – day or night.


Our Remote Implementation, Training and Support program (RITS) is available to all clients – equipping them with all the tools, resources and support they need to both carry out new system implementations and train site personnel on how to successfully operate Minnovare technology.
This includes;

As well as providing all the necessary training and support, the Minnovare RITS program is designed to provide mining operations greater autonomy and flexibility – enabling clients to conduct implementations and training at a time and pace that suits their schedule.


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