Micro Drilling Rigs

Micro Drilling Rigs

 Smaller rigs used in a number of industries and applications, including tunnelling, soil investigation and geothermal.


NOTE: The below does not represent an exhaustive list of compatible rig makes/models (including older models). 

Contact Us if you can’t find your rig model below.  

  • SM Series (Multipurpose)
  • SM-GT Series (Geothermal)
  • SM-G Series (Soil Investigation)
  • ST Series (Tunnelling)


The above Solimec Model Range is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the Minnovare Azimuth Aligner.


The Azimuth Aligner is mounted directly to the drill rod, prior to drilling, with the handheld mobile interface used to display target vs actual Azimuth and dip readings in real time.  Minnovare’s onsite trials demonstrate that the Azimuth Aligner significantly enhances the accuracy of this particular range of rig.


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