Product Range

Product Range: by Drilling Application

Minnovare products are categorised by drilling operation/application:  Mining Exploration and Civil (the Azimuth Aligner),  Mining Production (Production Optimiser) and Mining Development (Development Optimiser).  Click below to view the individual products and systems in that range.

The Azimuth Aligner®

For exploration mining, the Azimuth Aligner® pioneered the rig alignment market. It replaces conventional drill-rig alignment methods for mining (both surface and underground), delivering reduced set up time and increased drill metres and quality. Azimuth Aligner has also been used in the construction industry for major tunnel projects globally.
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The Production Optimiser™

For production mining, Minnovare's Production Optimiser™ system delivers highly accurate, consistent drilling with significantly lower average deviation. This in turn delivers less re-work, reduced over-break and under-break and an increase in stope turnover.
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Minnovare CORE™

Minnovare CORE tracks a wealth of drilling information across all systems in use. This enables valuable analytics including productivity benchmarking, understanding machine health and continuously improving the drill and blast process.
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For development drilling, Minnovare’s Development Optimiser™ system combines advanced hardware with a digital platform to improve the drilling accuracy and ensure the drilling is as per the mine plan. The result is more optimal blasts, reduced over-break, and an increased rate of advance. This delivers a lower cost and faster development drilling process.
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