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Swick Mining Services

Swick Mining Services specialises in underground diamond drilling, and has a reputation for pioneering innovative rig designs that deliver improvements in productivity, safety, versatility and value.


Known as the ‘Minerals Industry Drilling Innovators’, Swick is constantly seeking new innovative solutions to maximise drill rig operational efficiency.


A lack of reliable drill-alignment techniques resulted in time consuming set ups, inaccurate drilling, more secondary blasting, wear and tear on loading and crushing equipment, slower throughput and production rates; which all have a negative impact on cost and profitability for both the Swick and the end client.


Download this free case study to find out how Minnovare’s Azimuth Aligner has resolved the drill-alignment issue faced by Swick.

Azimuth Aligner®

The Azimuth Aligner is Minnovare’s patented drilling-rig alignment product designed for all mining exploration drill rig types- both surface and underground.

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